Technology @ Kalaheo

Kalaheo's Chromebook Loan Program
All Kalaheo High School students participate in our one-to-one Chromebook program. Students are issued a school Chromebook for the years they are attending Kalaheo. Parents/guardians and students are required to read and sign the Chromebook Agreement Form each year to acknowledge the updated policies and procedures. Forms are usually available online at the beginning of the school year.
Where can I go for tech help? 
Contact the tech team (see below) 
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Students and Parents who are having trouble logging in, you can contact Ms. Fujii (Librarian) at [email protected] to get help.  If necessary, we can "move up" to get more help from our Registrar, Dr. Kimberly Shinno, and even further up to our State IT Help Desk. bitmoji pic
(NOTE: If it asks you for your DISTRICT, our District is HAWAII.)
Important forms
TRUG: Technology Responsible Use Guidelines are set by the DOE. Students MUST abide by these guidelines when on DOE Campuses, on DOE Google Accounts, and when using any devices provided by the school. 
TRUF: Technology Responsible Use Form is the form Students and Parents must sign to acknowledge reading the TRUG. It must be signed every school year.
Chromebook Loan Agreement is Kalaheo's contract for students to receive and use a school issued Chromebook. It must be signed every school year. (Available as an ONLINE Form, print form needs to be requested)
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