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Welcome to Kalāheo High School. We are honored to have you as a new member of our student body and will work hard to provide a supportive learning environment for all our students. We are proud of our diversity. Our students and families come form all points on the map. Kalāheo's faculty, staff and student body are composed of individuals from all parts of the United States and many parts of the world. This basediversity leads to a varied and rich learning environment.

We understand the challenges you may be experiencing as you transition to Hawai'i. New home, new school and new environment - they all can be overwhelming at times. We want to make your transition as smooth as possible, with a variety of services we can offer.


The faculty, staff, and students of Kalāheo High School wish to extend the spirit of aloha to you and your students as you transition to life on the island of Oahu.  Although Hawai’i is a beautiful and exciting place to be stationed, acclimation to a new and unfamiliar environment can be difficult for service members and their families.  We at Kalāheo High School hope to make the transition as smooth possible by providing you with as much information about the school and local culture as possible!


Although this page is not all encompassing, we at Kalāheo High School hope that it can at least serve as a guide to what our school and local culture have to offer!

School Programs and Activities
Local History and Culture
Other Resources
Military One Source (
  • Online resource offering counseling, support, and more for U.S. Military Families (
  • Free one to one online tutoring and homework help for national Guard, Reserve, and Active Duty Members
CYB-MFLC (Child and Youth Behavioral Military and Family Life Counselor) Program
Kalaheo offers informal, non-medical counseling through the MFLC program.  Located within the Transition Center (D103), students of active military members or very recent veterans can obtain assistance in the following areas:
  • Exploring school/work/life balance
  • Conflict at home
  • Relationships
  • Stress management and resilience building

CYB-MLFCs are:

  • Masters or Doctorate-level licensed counselors specializing in child and youth behavioral issues
  • Available at no cost to assist children and youth, parents, family members, and staff of child and youth programs
  • Available to provide short-term counseling support in a group or individual setting


Services are private and confidential with the exception of child-abuse/neglect, domestic abuse, and other duty-to-warn situations.  Consent forms for service are required.