Library » General Library Information (STUDENTS)

General Library Information (STUDENTS)

Library Hours:
M-F, 7:45-3:15
except on faculty meeting days when the library closes right after school
The Library is open during the 8-8:30 am Student Assistance period
Library Rules for STUDENTS:
To use the library:
  • During non-instructional time (i.e. before/after school, recess/lunch), you MUST have your current school ID
  • During instructional time (i.e. class time), you MUST have a library pass (color changes) signed by your teacher
While in the library, please:
  • Use the library for Academic Purposes (examples: completing school work, research, reading, etc.)
  • Keep the noise level down (no yelling, playing music loudly, etc.)
  • Take care of the library
    • Throw your rubbish in the trash
    • Push your chairs in
    • Put unborrowed books on the reshelving cart
    • DO NOT write on desks & chairs
  • NO eating or drinking (water ok) or chewing gum
  • NO throwing, hitting, pushing, etc.
  • DO NOT ride your skateboard in the library
While in the library's computer lab, please: 
  • Use the computer lab for Academic purposes
  • NO playing games
  • DO NOT save work to the computer
    • Computers are cleared of documents at the end of the week
  • Printing is OK for school assignments
    • Your 1st printing is free, any additional copies will be $0.15/page
  • Be cautious when printing
    • Do a print preview to check number of  pages
    • Print PowerPoint as Handout NOT slide by slide
    • DO NOT print straight from a website
  • If in doubt, ask the librarian BEFORE you print