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Tech Tips

  1. Keep your device fully charged or plugged in. 
  2. Check for both browser (Chrome) updates AND device updates.
  3. Clear your cache & cookies.
  4. Do a full shut down, not just close the top.
  5. Close your tabs. Try to keep ONLY the necessary ones open. 
  6. Remove extensions such as "Grid view."
How to take screenshots on a Chromebook
Ctrl+"show screens" button
ctrl+show screens button
  1. Disconnect other devices from the WiFi when you're "in-class." This includes your cell phone, iPad, TV, or other smart devices that connect to your Internet.
  2. Sit closer to your router/WiFi Access Point.
  3. Restart your router and internet box.
  4. Check with your internet provider (Spectrum/Hawaiian Telcom) to see if they are having issues. 
Loom Videos 
This link is to Loom tutorial videos created by Ms. Fujii. Videos will be added to the folder throughout the year. 
Please contact Ms. Fujii ([email protected]) if you need more help OR if you'd like to request a specific video to be made.