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Registration Documents

Welcome to Kalāheo High School
PLEASE NOTE: All incoming families must call (808)305-0220 to schedule a registration appointment prior to coming to the school due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.
We serve students in grades 9 through 12. Students must reside within the school district with their parent(s) or legal guardian. We hope to support you as you transition into our school. Parents and guardians will need to bring the following documents and forms to enroll their child:
1. Student Health Record 

2. Birth Certificate
3. Proof of current address (to include one or more of the following): 
a. Current utility bill for water, electric, gas or land-line (not cellular) telephone which indicates that the billing is in the parent or guardian's name and is being sent to the residence. 
b. Signed rental/lease agreement notarized by landlord, accompanied by landlord's proof of current utility bill established at rental address.
c. If the parent or legal guardian cannot provide documentation of legal residence because the parent/legal guardian is living with a relative/friend, a notarized statement by the relative/friend can be accepted by the school with the following stipulation:
(1) Notarized statement must state that the parent/legal guardian and child are living with the relative/friend;
(2) Notarized statement must state the name of relative/friend that is on the relative/friend's proof of legal residence;
(3) Notarized statement must state the same address of relative/friend that is on the relative/friend's proof of legal residence;
(4) A copy of the relative/friend's proof of legal residence (see 3a) must be attached to the notarized statement; and
(5) Notarized statement must be signed by same name of relative/friend that is on the relative/friend’s proof of legal residence.
4. Documents from the most recent previous school: Student release, most recent report card and/or transcript, Individualized Education Plan (for special education students).
5. Legal documents which may include:
Power of Attorney (which must state current school year) if the child is not living with the parents. Temporary Restraining Order. Guardianship documents. Legal name change. Court orders.​ 
Graduation Requirements:


Additional health information:


On Saturday, March 17, 2018 the updated rule concerning Hawaii's Tuberculosis (TB) Clearance requirement will take effect.  The Governor signed the revised Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR) 11.164.2 on March 7, 2018.


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