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Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) Home Page


The NJROTC is a four-year elective program emphasizing citizenship, self-discipline, character development, self- esteem, leadership, and physical fitness. Academic topics include a wide range of physical sciences and social studies. It provides orientation to the military as a career option and an opportunity for practical continuity of purpose throughout the sequence of instruction. Each year of study is designed to stand independently. The program includes academic instruction and co-curricular activities to support NJROTC goals.


The Kalāheo NJROTC program supports not only federally mandated NJROTC goals, but also the Hawaii Content Performance Standard goals. A broad–based program, NJROTC meets many of the standards in the Social Studies, Science, Physical Education and Career Skills areas. NJROTC goals align with Kalaheo’s school-wide learner outcomes to make our students effective communicators, complex thinkers, responsible and self-directed learners, collaborative workers and technologically literate workers.


There is no military obligation upon completion of the NJROTC program. The NJROTC program does provide some benefits if a cadet desires a military career. Completion of two or more years allows a graduate to enlist in a military service at a higher rank and pay grade. Although military ROTC scholarships to college are not guaranteed, exposure to the NJROTC instructors will help interested cadets with ROTC applications. Deserving cadets can also be nominated for competition in obtaining appointments to the U.S. Naval Academy, U.S Air Force Academy and U.S. Military Academy.