Last Meeting Update

Treasurer’s Report: Amanda reported $36,000 in account with $19,000 for Project Graduation.
Principal’s Report:
● Job vacancies for next years’ positions at Kalaheo were distributed.
● Attendance Policy and email members to study and discuss at the next meeting. 

PCNC Report:
Mindy Clepper started today in the position today.
● April 18 Make a Difference Day.
● Staff Appreciation Luncheon - May 15 1:30pm. Karen Frato will spearhead.
● May 6 Donut and Coffee Day for Teacher Appreciation?
● May 7 Admin Breakfast for Teachers and Staff given by Admin
ASK Report:
Amber reported that Sat Feb 29 Kalaheo Beach Cleanup. Asking for donations of trash bags. Flyer was distributed.
● March 25 Student Senate meeting- will be discussing attendance policy
● Junior/Senior Prom Tickets - Get forms from C102. All financial and behavioral obligations have to be taken care of before purchases can be made.Early ticket sales = $85, March 10-12 = $95 late sales until March 24 = $105 (cash only) Prom will be at Hyatt Regency on April 25. Old Hollywood/Gatsby theme.
● Student council elections Mar 2-6. Lots of interest this year.

Project Graduation Committee Report:
● Karen reported fundraisers and garage sale were successful.
● Upcoming fundraisers: Car wash Feb 22. Seniors have a heiau work day on Feb. 25 plus Matson beach cleanup grant in the future.
● Venue, transportation and meals have been decided and set.

Hospitality Committee Report:
● Laura reported M&M’s Valentines were distributed to teachers and staff, coffee in the workroom was refilled and ACT snacks were purchased for Juniors.
● Rebecca is finding out about getting CPK cards that work for the whole semester for fundraisers for next year. Maybe give out at schedule pickup day.
Membership Committee Report:
Shiyana met with Jackie to brainstorm ideas. Suggestion to give out forms at drop-off or pick-up. Suggestion to have signup on website possibly with Venmo since other credit card charging services charge for using their services. Suggestion to let parents know with a poster what PTSA money is being spent on.