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Counselors' Frequently Asked Questions

How do I:
A. Request a conference with my child’s teacher(s)?
When needing a conference with your child's teacher, please contact the teacher directly.
Call #808-305-0200 and ask to leave a message for the teacher, or email the teacher directly. 
Use the staff directory to email teachers.

B. How Do I request homework when my child is absent?
1. If you child is sick for 3 or more days, please contact the counselor
    who will send out a homework request. Be advised that teachers do not
    have a daily prep period; therefore, a 24 hour turn around time is desired.
2. If your child is suspended for 3 or more days,
    the Vice Principal will request homework from all teachers.
    All homework can be picked up in the main office homework box.
C. How do I request a Grade Check?
1. Download the grade check form and have your child take it to all classes for completion.
2. Have your child pick up a grade check form from the counseling office.

D. How do I put my child on a TAG form for daily monitoring?
1. Contact your child’s counselor to arrange TAG monitoring.
    Keep in mind that thus is a home monitoring system.
    It is the student’s responsibility to pick up the form daily,
    to obtain teachers signatures/feedback and to submit it to their parent,
    be advised that we do not have all six classes every day.