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Career Information

Work Permits: 

In the College and Career Center, we assist students with applying for their work permit if they are 16 years or older. 16 and 17 year olds can request a work permit online at

You need your social security number and an email address. After the work permit is submitted online, the Department of Labor will email you a work permit attachment. Print out the work permit and take to employer.

For students ages 14 and 15, a Minor's Certificate of Employment form must be obtained at the Satellite City Hall, Kalaheo College & Career Center or online at Download the form, complete, and submit it with the above listed identification option and then it can be submitted for processing.

Job Opportunities:

Come to the College and Career Center to check for available jobs posted on the Job Opportunities board.


If you need assistance completing your resume, come to the College and Career Center for formatting suggestions.