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Do not hesitate to contact me to see me after school if you need extra help.

Additionally, let me remind you that we have a math tutor in D101, who can help you before school and after school.  It's a free service that our school provides, so please take advantage of it!

Rubric for Self-Assessment

This is a self-assessment rubric for my math classes.  Please use this rubric to evaluate yourself and learn what you must do to go to a higher category.  Note that it is unlikely that students will find themselves entirely in one category and that students will more likely be in one category for some standards and in another one for other standards.

Finding the Glory in the Struggle

To Parents and Students:

This article by a well-known educator of math chronicles how many students struggle in math, and why such struggle is to be celebrated.  The key is to keep on trying and progressing.  Some tips are given to parents and students on how students should deal with mathematics.